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Camu C. Strempel

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    Dear lovers of fine Music ,


I`ve been  , making Music , playing Guitar all my life since I was 8 years old .

Music always had a great effect on my perspective on Life as a whole , influenced my Psyche , relations and the path , that I took in Life .

As an almost 100% autodidakt ,

I was influenced by all the great Artists of the 60ies and 70ies , Beatles , Stones , Cat Stevens , Hendrix , Zappa etc.etc. ,


Then after becoming 20years old , throwing my Electric Guitar out of the window and starting a new thing with the acoustic Guitar , exploring many different openTunings , just by turning the mechanics and listening , what is coming out ....

always in touch with the beautiful languages of nature`s beings; like wind, Birds, flowing Water and these endless invisible creatures , who speak with us all day ; while we ignore them ...  ( don`t we ? )

My work as Guitar and Pecussion - Teacher is described on

and about the recording Studio you will find something  on the socalled butto

so enjoy


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